Permanent activity

The Ballroom (private)

Prince Hendrik's former ballroom offers a wonderful view over the Maas River.

The chandeliers and original golden ornaments, the six-meter-high ceiling, and the parquet floor all recall the grandeur of old. 

Due to major maintenance, reservations can not be accepted in the Ballroom and the Salon from 1 April to 31 October 2018

The ballroom is equipped with everything you might wish in terms of sound, images and light. LED spotlights can light the room in any number of colour combinations, for example. You can decide for yourself how you want the space set up and decorated.

Have a look at the Ball Hall with Google Streetview


Capaciteit zittend dinerCapacity for sit-down diner 150 persons | Length of the ballroom 40 meters
Capacity for walking dinner 350 persons | Width of the ballroom 8 meters
Capacity for plenary seating 240 persons | Area 315 square meter
Capacity for reception or party 350 persons | Ceiling height 6.4 meters
Rent per day € 2,500 not including value-added tax | Equipment Sound system, beamer, LED lighting in RGB


For any event, there is a broad range of possibilities in terms of food and drink: hors d'oeuvres, for example, and light or elaborate lunches and dinners. Catering from outside is not allowed.