Dossier Indië
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On now until 31 December 2020

Dossier Indië

A different look at colonial photography

In Dossier Indië the World Museum delves into the history of Indonesia under colonialism

The earliest photographs depict an idealised image of a glorious Dutch East Indies. The exhibition shows how 19th century photographers shaped a mythical image of the colonies. But in the late 19th century and in the 20th century, the photographs gradually change in character to lay bare a more accurate picture of the relations in colonial society. The perspective shifts from the Dutch colonials to the colonized Indonesian people.

Alongside these photographs, the exhibition also explores the themes of economic exploitation and the colonial war. As part of Dossier Indië the Rotterdam-based photographer Stacii Samidin photographed the series Merdeka!

Visit Rotterdam’s LantarenVenster cinema for feature films and documentaries about Indonesia under colonial rule by Dutch and Indonesian filmmakers from then and now.

Dossier Indië, Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

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Dossier Indië

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Fotocredit Stacii Samidin
Dossier Indië through Stacii Samidin’s eyes


Rotterdam-based photographer with Indonesian roots Stacii Samidin was commissioned by Rotterdam’s World Museum to make the series Merdeka!