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Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel Society
Private companies can take part in the Wereldmuseum through the Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel Society. Especially for society members, the museum organizes get-togethers that are useful for business networking. The museum also consults society members on entrepreneurial matters. Especially now that cultural enterprise is a high priority, the museum appreciates being able to draw on knowledge and expertise from its own network. Members of the Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel Society also enjoy privileges that enhance the satisfaction they feel at being closely associated with the museum.

Corporate membership costs € 5000 a year on the basis of a four-year contract. Members of the Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel Society enjoy the following privileges:  

  • a reception or guided tour by the Wereldmuseum's director, for a society member and his/her guests;
  • reception by the Wereldmuseum's director and a preview of a special exhibition, for a society member and his/her guests;
  • free admission to special exhibitions for society members and their guests;
  • invitations to the openings of special exhibitions;
  • two free catalogus for each special exhibition;
  • inclusion of the company's name on or in:
    • the list of sponsors posted at the entrance;
    • the sponsor page of www.wereldmuseum.nl, which includes a link to the sponsor's own corporate website;
    • digital signposting in the museum;
    • the Wereldmuseum's own catalogues;
    • the museum brochure.
  • once a year, rent-free use of each of the following halls, either separately or at the same time: the Ballroom, the Dr. Elie van Rijckevorel Hall, and the Auditorium. (The Auditorium is available only during the day. The Ballroom is not available on Thursdays or Saturdays. Halls must be reserved at least two months in advance.)
  • 15% discount on all subsequent hall rentals;
  • 20% discount on tickets for performances;
  • 20% discount on the Wereldmuseum's own catalogues;
  • invitations to networking events.

To learn more about taking part and investing in the Wereldmuseum, please contact us, either by telephone (010 – 270 71 00) or email (secr@wereldmuseum.nl).

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