Stylish and intimate

The Ballroom’s smaller, but oh so charming, version is the Salon. Equally stylish and better suited to intimate dinners, receptions and smaller get-togethers. The double doors mean the space can be opened up to the Ballroom, enabling you to receive your guests in the Salon before staging your event in the Ballroom. The view through the windows will convince you that you’ve come to the most attractive part of Rotterdam.
A world-class location.

Seating plans

Cabaret seating
Cabaret seating
30 people
U-form seating
U-form seating
26 people
Theatre seating
Theatre seating
56 people
Reception/Party seating
Reception/Party seating
150 people

Capacity sitting dinner 80 people Length 15 metres
Capacity walking dinner 150 people Width 10 metres
Capacity plenair 140 people Floor area 115 square metres
Capacity reception 150 people Height 5 metres
Rental price per day € 1.500,- excl. VAT Audiovisuals lighting, audio equipment, beamer & screen


Salon Balzaal | Salon
Exclusief BTW | Inclusief BTW Exclusief BTW | Inclusief BTW
1 Dagdeel € 600,- | € 726,- € 1.400,- | € 1.694,-
2 Dagdelen € 900,- | € 1.089,- € 2.100,- | € 2.541,-
3 Dagdelen € 1.200,- | € 1.452,- € 2.800,- | € 3.388,-
Terras kade € 200,00 | € 242,- € 200,00 | € 242,-
Genoemde zaalhuur is een vanaf prijs en afhankelijk van data.

World-class kitchen

Our head chef is proud to offer you a culinary feast in keeping with the spirit of Rotterdam. Inspired by the city’s cultural diversity, he’s started with the Dutch kitchen and enriched it with recipes from all over the world, to create exciting and constantly changing combinations using honest ingredients and seasonal produce.

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Monumental grandeur with modern facilities: the ideal venue for any major event
Elie van Rijckecorselzaal

Elie van Rijckevorsel room

Characteristic space for small-scale meetings