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Museum visit

Treat your guests to a worldly break

In Rotterdam, you don’t need to leave town to see the world. Take in the collection on a visit to our museum and get to know cultures from all corners of the earth.

Looking to discover the city’s edgy side or want to see our collection from a different perspective? Then look no further than our young Rotterdam artists who do just that, through photography, graphic design and video online. Visiting our museum means you’ll experience Rotterdam and global culture – the best of both worlds!

From Yacht Club to Worldmuseum

Right from the start, when its Willemskade premises opened in 1851, the Yacht Club would put the gifts it received from Rotterdammers on display in its clubhouse. The iconic building became a museum in 1885, its collection steadily growing with the objects that missionaries, seamen and merchants brought back with them from all over the world. Today the collection comprises no fewer than 83,000 items, showing the development of Rotterdam as a world city.