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Our collection

The collection of the Wereldmuseum - 160 years of assembling

Collected by the people of Rotterdam, for the people of Rotterdam

Rotterdam as a metropole

The Wereldmuseum’s collection has been built up over 160 years of collecting, mainly by the people of Rotterdam for the people of Rotterdam. The then foreign cultures from far-flung places have since become part of the port city of Rotterdam, now home to some 170 different nationalities. The objects in the collection all have a personal tale to tell: stories touching on universal human themes such as mourning, celebration, decoration, prayer or conflict. They spark a lively interest in the rich cultural diversity that exists across the world, from China to Indonesia and from Tibet to Oceania. In the Wereldmuseum you’ll discover that despite our differences, we’re all the same.

2018 will be dedicated to the resurgence of the Wereldmuseum. We are ensuring that all the museum facilities are restored to the highest standards as well as developing a children’s museum which will begin construction this year so as to open in 2019. In addition, we are forging structural partnerships with parties with whom we will be cooperating over the coming years.

Meanwhile the museum wil still be open to public, however in a adjusted set-up. One of the main temporary expositions that will be on display is the exposition, Our story - where some of the top objects out of the collection can be admired. You can also find the full collection on our online collection site.