Hall rental business

The Wereldmuseum is situated in the stately Shipping Quarter, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Rotterdam.

The classical-style museum building on the banks of the Maas River was once the Yacht Club of Prince Hendrik. Besides exhibition halls, this unique building has three halls, each with its own character and atmosphere, which are ideally suited for business meetings and private occasions, such as dinners, receptions, lectures, company events and weddings.


The museum can accommodate groups of between 8 and 450 persons. Events can be combined in many different ways with a visit to an exhibition.

Wedding photos Ballroom & Salon

The costs for making wedding photos in the museum are € 250.00 ex VAT per hour. We can give a final notice 1 week in advance if the room is available on the date. 
For more information or reservations, please contact the Events department: 010 270 71 50 or reserveringen@wereldmuseum.nl

Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (UVW)

The Wereldmuseum adheres to the standard regulations for the Dutch hotel and restaurant industry, which are laid down in the Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca.

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