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The Collection

A trip around the world

The founding history of the Wereldmuseum, the building, and its collection is a tale of Rotterdam. The Wereldmuseum collection shows the development of Rotterdam as a world city. The objects in this collection provide a glimpse into other cultures, but are also indicative of the wanderlust, international connections, the colonial past, and the business instinct that shaped the city. The Wereldmuseum is a product of this city; forged by its history and crafted from its mentality.

The Wereldmuseum is a reflection of 160 years of collecting: by Rotterdam, for Rotterdam. These objects span a time period of 2000 years: from an ancient temple in Mexico, to a modern work of art from Syria. Each item is unique both in terms of what it represents and in the stories it tells.

The Wereldmuseum wants to be connected with its city, the residents, and visitors. The Wereldmuseum is an important cultural feature in this city that counts more than 170 nationalities and which has an open society built on international trade relations. The Wereldmuseum would like to introduce you to the world of riches that we all share.

Willemskade 25
3016 DM Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)10-2707172

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